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Asinerie Pole-Nature

discoveries escapades

Pôle-Nature of the Poitou donkey Asinerie:

Located on the farm of Tillauderie, bucolic place near the forest and just a step from charming village of Dampierre-sur-Boutonne,
Asinerie offers fun and educational activities on a protected natural area of 55 ha.
the Pole-Nature Asinerie Poitou conservatory is a farmed place of mules races Poitou.
It's an exceptional site makes you discover or rediscover the Poitou donkey, the cart horse Poitevin mule and the Poitou mule.

Several options are available to you to visit this site:

-If you want to discover at your own pace, with a booklet,
races mules Poitou, then choose
free tour option;

-If you want to learn conservation methods and
the characteristics of different animals of the Asinerie,
Let yourself be drawn into the tour;

You feel like Asinerie otherwise:
choose a special time to steps draft horse Poitevin
  with hitch ride
choose the picnic with a donkey.


To experience the sensations of a real back of Poitevin donkey,
  Children can enjoy a ride on the donkey
on both playful path (donkeys kept by the parents)
  in July and August reservation

Various Courses and Initiations
(To hitch to the frame, animal traction, etc.)
are offered during the year.

La Tillauderie
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